Construction materials utilized | Green frame

The materials used in the construction of “Krtsanisi Grande” ensure the sustainability of the complex. The project partners include:  “Heidelbergcement”, “Alutech Georgia”, “Doka”, “Bedegi”, “OTIS”, “Smarter” and other European brands. Thermal insulation materials are utilized on the building’s exterior facade, which enhance energy efficiency and shield the apartments from external noise. Energy efficient aluminum doors and windows with thermally saving glass packages are utilized as well.  Construction is carried out in compliance with construction standards with the provision of the fire protection systems. The complex is adapted for people with disabilities. The apartments are delivered in a green frame condition, with: Floor screeding; Central heating pipes; Power lines to points; Water and sewer pipes (supplied) to the points; Plastered walls; Natural gas pipes installed; Main entrance iron door; Balcony with ceramic granite tiles; Television – Internet and intercom cables are supplied to the apartment.

Labor and safety policy

Occupational hygiene and its execution are components of health and safety policy. Every man and woman employed by us is provided with decent and fruitful working conditions based on freedom, equality, security, and human dignity. We are continually providing our personnel with the appropriate training and mentoring. “Grande Group” is devoted to consistently improving the efficiency of the workplace safety and health system, as well as increasing employee occupational safety and quality of work. The idea is to always have qualified employees on hand. An appropriate work environment is created for the staff including management in order to boost productivity.

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